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The trusted payment solution

for construction projects, big and small.

Protect your property equity and working capital through Klinche’s

secure payments, integrated pre-liens, and waiver management.

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The old way.

Managing your construction payments and docs used to be a logistical nightmare.

Old Way

The Klinche way.

Klinche protects property equity for owners and safeguards payments for contractors and suppliers.

Klinche Way

Put your construction payments on autopilot

Klinche managed the process with you in the driver’s seat.

Achieve Success Faster

Achieve Success Faster

Tackle minor issues before they snowball into major problems. Klinche provides improved visibility and streamlined workflows to help facilitate on-time, on-budget project performance.

Admin Efficiencies

Gain Admin Efficiencies

Turn hours of work into minutes. Klinche automatically generates, delivers, and manages legal documentation as part of our integrated payment solution.

Protect Property and Capital

Protect Equity and Capital

Take control of payments. Klinche ensures payments are processed quickly and securely; mitigating lien risk for owners and improving cash flow for contractors and suppliers.

Our simple interface provides on-demand info at your finger tips.

Klinche is the management tool for your construction payments and legal docs


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Drive your construction project to better results.

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