Klinche 1.2 released with a whole new re-design!

Klinche is happy to announce the release of version 1.2 with new features and improvements. Making it easier to create projects and transactions, saving you more time. The new design achieved our objective of making the portal more user accessible. This design remains consistent throughout the portal, this way, everything functions the same way.

Now with Klinche 1.2 you can view transactions in each project without having to click on the individual project, creating a more organized and fast way to keep track of all your transaction with in projects.

The transaction detail page has been completely been updated. This page will now display all details like before but now all the information is organized into tabs. On each transaction page you can see the transaction status. This section displays steps in progress informing you where the transaction stands.

Another new feature that Klinche implemented is an auto generation of a signature. Now signing your name isn’t difficult at all. There is no need to use your mouse to write your signature. It’s now simpler than ever, after creating an account the system will auto generate a signature for you.

The login page now displays a slider on the right side explaining the four step sign-up process. We also updated our login page to be consistent with our marketing site.

In addition to all of these features, we have added an Alerts tab. This tab will notify you if there is an action that needs to be taken care of from your part. A red bubble will appear with a number, indicating how many notifications you have.

With all these new changes we hope that you enjoy using the portal. If you have an questions/concerns please contact us. Our contact information is listed down below.

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