Version 1.3 Release!

Klinche is excited to share that Version 1.3 of our construction industry payments solution has been released offering new features, improvements, and the completion of our user interface redesign.

One of the important new pieces of functionality in version 1.3 is the Document Center.  Construction projects generate a significant volume of legal paperwork (pre-liens and waiver releases) protecting the respective rights of property owners, contractors, and materials suppliers.   The amount of time spent manually producing mailing, filing and searching for legal documents can be overwhelming.  Klinche’s Document Center turns hours of work into minutes through improvements to our automated document generation and management functionality.

A second important capability added in Version 1.3 is the addition of the Banker user role.  Banks offering construction financing are frustrated with the lack of visibility into the overall project.  While banks receive monthly loan draw requests including associated documentation, they complain about “flying blind” to the project’s progress during the remainder of the month.  Through Klinche’s cloud platform, everyone in the entire construction supply chain, now including banks, can enjoy up-to-date, 24×7 access to project performance.

Finally, Klinche Version 1.3 offers the completed re-design of our production portal user interface that started with Version 1.2.  The new UI offers improved menu structures providing simplified navigation and information presentation.  The re-design also incorporates revised help functions that guide new users through the learning curve with their initial use of the system.

We look forward to your hearing your feedback on all the new functionality and improvements in Version 1.3!

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