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Klinche is leading a new era in construction commerce for insurance companies with an integrated solution that manages and limits property claim payouts. Through our cloud based application, Klinche provides transparency and access to property repair claim progress and payments.


Insurance companies can now manage and control claim payouts throughout a supply chain of tradespeople and suppliers conducting repairs. This ensures an insured’s property is returned to the condition prior to the claim without an insurance company overpaying for the repairs.

Streamline Claim Payouts

Klinche is changing how commerce flows in property repair claims for insurance companies. By taking direct control of claim payments throughout a supply chain, Klinche can provide insurance companies the ability to better manage their claim funds and reduce loss ratios. The transparency and automated management tools Klinche provides will bring a faster end result for the insurance company’s insured customer.


Limit Loss Ratios

Improving management of claim payouts not only protects equity and security for other stakeholders, such as owners and lenders, but also limits over payment of claims, or leakage, by insurance companies. With Klinche, an insurance broker and carrier can limit their loss ratios to improve their bottom lines.