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Pay Safe, Stay Organized, Build Happy

Not Staying on Schedule Costs Money


Financial Loss

Financial loss has long been an issue in the construction game. All too often would be workers run off with your hard earned money leaving your projects unfinished and your pockets empty.


Unorganized Docs

With construction projects, documentation can easily get out of control in a rapid fashion. Scattered documents ultimately leave you at risk and vulnerable to audits or property liens

Regain Control of Your Project, One Payment at a Time


Track Your Payments

Always know where your payments stand in every stage of the payment process. Klinche now provides you with a real time update of all payments going on in your project leaving you in control.


Everything in One Place

Klinche keeps your pre-liens, budgets, invoices and waivers in an organized and easy to use interface so you never lose paperwork.


Always Secure

Sleep easy at night knowing that Klinche takes security seriously. Klinche uses AES 256 encryption keeping all of your project docs and payments safe 24/7 365.

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