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Know Where Your Loan Stands, Save Time, Loan Happy

The Problem with Lending Today

Loan StatusLoan Status????

Not Knowing

Visibility has long been an issue that has plagued the banking industry. At best construction loan updates are performed bi-monthly leaving your staff in the dark.




Chasing Paperwork

General Contractors are constantly receiving payment paperwork and documents are often lost. This leaves the lender with even more work having to chase these documents.

Lenders Can See Clearly Now That Klinche is Here


Real Time Loan Updates

Klinche is here to solve your visibility issues. Our dashboard gives you a real time look at all of your projects so you always know where your money is going.


Paperwork + Payments

Never worry about lost paperwork again. Klinche automatically matches the right paperwork to the right payments leaving you more free time to pay attention to the work that matters.


Payments Always Secure

Here at Klinche we take security seriously. We use AES 256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) to secure all payments processed within our system so you never have to worry