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Our Story

Klinche was founded by real estate and finance industry veterans who identified the market need after their own personal experiences with failed payment systems. They realized that the traditional ways of controlling money within a transaction were inherently flawed, creating financial risk and inefficiencies for all businesses involved. Klinche was born out of their desire to forever change how people think and transact. Goods and services could no longer be traded on hope and promise, with no guarantee of payment.
The Klinche founders developed proprietary technology to create an equitable online marketplace that revolutionizes payment transactions, especially those involving two or more parties.

The Klinche premise is simple: eliminate the middleman and connect all parties within a transaction directly to the payment source. All parties (sellers) in a multi-party transaction can secure payment directly from the payment source (buyer) and be assured that the funds are in place.

Klinche enables individuals and businesses alike to reduce the risk of non-payment, protect their assets and simplify the payment process. The bottom line? Everyone gets paid.

Our Locations

Klinche Business Office

3200 Danville Blvd., Suite 100
Alamo, California 94507

Klinche Development Office

3150 De La Cruz Blvd., Suite 240
Santa Clara California 95054