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What you need to know before the nightmare begins

The Purpose of a Pre-Lien

A Pre-Lien, is a document that is created by the General Contractor/Subcontractor and given to the home owner in order to begin work. These notices are usually filed by contractors, subcontractors, material and equipment suppliers. Then generally served to Property Owners and General Contractors.

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Where the Headache Begins

Scattered Paperwork

It can be difficult to prepare one, especially if you are lacking the proper tools to check for ownership discrepancies. Typically GC’s (General Contractors) are swamped with the sheer amount of paperwork due to change orders making the pre-lien process a nightmate.

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The Consequences

Without a properly prepared and served Pre-Lien, you might lose your lien rights and may even receive disciplinary actions from the Contractors Licensing Board. Ultimately this could jeapordize the GC’s License and ability to work in additon to not being able to collect payment for the project.

Klinche has Got Your Back

Klinche Signal

Klinche gets you Paid

Fortuneately for you , Klinche has made this difficult task easy. The Klinche system receives funds from the primary sources (Banks and Property Owners) then automates and releases all legal forms and simultaneously pays the entire supply chain (Contractors, Subs and Suppliers).

Security is Key

Our system ensures that every party receives the required information and payments, so every party is always secure. We take it upon ourselves to provide reliable and secure service, constantly updating our platform with the latest security and regulations to provide you the best product.

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