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Get Paid on Time, Every Time

Avoided Payments Result in Legal Action

LatePaymentTotal Due:$3,195,653.95Past Due

Untimely Payments

Getting paid on time has always been a hassle in the construction industry. Most of the time, Sub Contractors are left out of the loop and have to wait days, weeks or even months to receive their hard earned money.

WantedMoneyWanted$Have you seen me?

Lost Funds

Sub Contractors commonly get checks in the mail or are paid based on a “he said/she said” situation. Many times money will be sent and it ends up being lost or told it was sent even when it is not the case. Lost money ends up causing credibility and legal issues between the payer and payee.

Money Lost, Money Found


Get Paid on Time

Get paid for your work once its completed with Klinche’s disbursement system, always on time, every time


Feel Safe

Feel safe knowing that with Klinche, your services are paid for on time, every time with our encrypted disbursement system.

ProgressReportProgress ReportPhase 1 .......... 100%Phase 2 .......... 100%Phase 3 .......... 100%Phase 4 ............. 85%Phase 5 .............. 0%

Know Where You Are

Always know where your payment stands so you are never held up at any stage of the construction process. With Klinche, you will always be in the loop on where your projects stand financially eliminating the need to halt construction projects because of payment delays.

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