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Stop Wasting Time on Lien Paperwork, Period.

Document Management Takes Time


Scattered Documents

When your company is processing various orders, documents begin to pile up and get difficult to manage. When documents get scattered, tasks such as locating and organizing them becomes tedious and wastes time. With Klinche involved in your construction project, documents such as Waivers, Pre-Liens and Agreements are automated and sent out to each individual party per legal requirements.


Lost Funds

With payment in the construction industry currently operating on a “trust” standard, often times payment does not reach all the way to the Supplier for days or weeks on end. This leaves your company high and dry having to eat the cost. Preventing you from being the successful business you aim to be.

Documents in One Place Saves You Time and Money


Always Get Paid

By eliminating payment diversion from the higher parties, Suppliers can now get paid on time allowing your business to grow.


Secure Payments

Secure payments from Klinche allow the Supplier to get paid directly and avoid floating cash through a middleman.


Automated Docs

Worry free document distribution keeps all paperwork organized and lets you focus on the things that really matter.

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